Meet the Elementary Teachers

Waneta Pote HeadshotWaneta Pote


Ms. Pote is our Preschool Director at Collegiate Academy, and she is starting her second year. She is most excited about meeting her students and watching them grow this year. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys pottery, crafts, and hiking.

Fun Fact: She went to London for New Year's!

Lindsey JohnsonLindsey Johnson PreK Ms. Johnson has been our PreK Aid for two years, and she looks forward to seeing everyone this year. When she is not with the Preschool Pups, Ms. Johnson enjoys hiking, arts, and crafts. Fun Fact: She makes gnomes!

Niccole BoardNiccole Board


Ms. Board teaches Kindergarten, and she has been here for 10 years.  She looks forward to meeting her students, and she enjoys hockey when she is not at school.

Fun Fact: She has an artificial ankle!

Ashleigh Bryson HeadshotAshleigh Bryson

1st Grade

Ms. Bryson is a returning 1st grade teacher, and she has been a Collegiate wolf for 13 years.  She is excited to watch her students' AHA! moments while they discover our world.  When she is not teaching, Ms. Bryson spends her time rock climbing, traveling, gardening, and reading.

Fun Fact: She teaches both music and general classroom!

Andrea Schmidt Headshot Andrea Schmidt 1st Grade  Ms. Schmidt, our 1st grade teacher, is heading into her 7th year at Collegiate Academy, and she is excited about her new class.  Outside of school, she enjoys coaching gymnastics.

Melissa Capolungo HeadshotMelissa Capolungo
2nd Grade
Ms. Capolungo teaches our 2nd graders, and she has been at CAC for 10 years.  She looks forward to meeting a new group of excited students, and she enjoys camping and paddleboarding.

Casey Baugh HeadshotCasey Baugh 3rd Grade Ms. Baugh heads into her third year as our 3rd grade teacher, and she is excited to meet her new students.  Outside of the classroom, she enjoys exercising, live music, and hanging out with her friends and family.

Fun Fact: She knows a fair amount of sign language!

Danica Weber HeadshotDanica Weber

4th Grade

Ms. Weber teaches 4th grade in our elementary school, and she has been with us for 11 years.  She looks forward to teaching 4th graders about our state: Colorado!  When she's not teaching, Ms. Weber enjoys grass volleyball, camping with her family, and flower gardening.

Fun Fact: She has two kids who attend CAC!

Candice BrownCandice Brown 5th Grade Ms. Brown is heading into her 6th year at CAC, and she is excited about meeting her students and having a fun, learning year with her 5th graders! Outside the classroom, Ms. Brown runs marathons; this year, she will run in Des Moines, Iowa, and Antarctica. She also enjoys skiing, hiking, reading, and travelling. Fun Fact: After going to Antarctica in March, she will have been to all the continents!

Sherry Ballengee HeadshotSherry Ballengee 6th Grade Ms. Ballengee has been at Collegiate for 15 years, and she looks forward to her 6th grade class's trip to Keystone this year. When she's not teaching, she enjoys time with her grandkids. Fun Fact: She is a roller coaster junkie!

Ellie Erickson HeadshotEllie Erickson
Ms. Erickson is our Technology teacher and 5th and 6th grade support. She has been a Collegiate wolf for 8 years, and she looks forward to getting students to love technology and learn new ways to use it. She enjoys running and other outdoor activities.
Fun Fact: She went to Bali this summer!

Linda Burdick HeadshotLinda Burdick
K-12 School Psychologist
PK Consultant
Ms. Burdick is starting her 7th year with Collegiate as our Psychologist. She looks forward to working with returning students and staff and meeting new students and staff. Outside of school, she enjoys 
genealogy, reading, knitting, studying history, cooking and baking, traveling, volunteering with Red Cross, and playing with Kali, her calico cat. 
Fun Fact: She has been backstage at Red Rocks during concerts!

Matt Vogan Headshot
Matt Vogan

Mr. Vogan is starting his third year with us as our Special Education teacher in the Elementary School. This year, he is excited to see student growth. Outside of school, Mr. Vogan enjoys cycling, backpacking, gaming, and soccer.
Fun Fact: He is related to Davy Crockett, and he likes ice cream!

Maggie Rickard Headshot
Maggie Rickard
PK-12 Music
Ms. Rickard is starting her second year at Collegiate as our music teacher for both elementary and secondary students. She is excited for more concerts this year, and she enjoys cooking, baking, and completing jigsaw puzzles. 
Fun Fact: She makes her own bagels!

Neil Holden HeadshotNeil Holden
PK-12 Physical Education
Mr. Holden joins the wolf pack this year as our PE teacher for all grade levels. He is excited to get to know the students and staff, and he enjoys golf, fitness, movies, and watching pro and college football.
Fun Fact: He has lived in seven different states: TX, CO, CA, OH, SC, PA, and FL.

Phyllis Constransitch
Phyllis Constransitch
K-12 Art
Ms. C is joining us at Collegiate for her first year, and she is excited to meet the students. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Fun Fact: She is originally from New Orleans, LA!

Velinda Gerfen HeadshotVelinda Gerfen

Ms. Gerfen has been our Speech and Language Pathologist for 5 years, and every year she looks forward to seeing students grow in their communication skills for their successful future. Outside of school, Ms. Gerfen enjoys walking hikes in state and national parks and family get togethers.
Fun Fact: She retired from Douglas County Schools with 30 years of experience, but she loves her profession so much she could not stay away. This has been her dream job!

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