Meet the Secondary Teachers

Aaron Trunnell Headshot
Aaron Trunnell

MS Science
Mr. Trunnell joins the Secondary staff for his first year at Collegiate. He looks forward to all the hands on experiments in the classroom, and he enjoys exercise, hiking, and paddleboarding.
Fun Fact: His fastest mile time is 4:29 and 9:39 for two miles, and his 5k time is 15:26! 

Alyson MooreAlyson Moore

MS English
Ms. Moore teaches our Middle School English and Language Arts courses, and she has been with us for 6 years. She is most excited to teach new novel studies and teach the debate class. Outside the classroom, she enjoys water sports, such as paddleboarding and kayaking, reading, and spending time with her husband and 1 year old son.
Fun Fact: She is the biggest dog lover you'll ever meet. Her secret dream is to buy a house with a lot of land and turn it into a doggie daycare!

Anna Tenney

MS Social Studies
Ms. Tenney joins the wolf pack this year as our Social Studies teacher. She looks forward to finally teaching after her recent graduation, and she spends time reading and hiking.
Fun Fact: She has a dog!

Erin Mittoo HeadshotErin Mittoo
Ms. Mittoo is Collegiate Academy's Secondary Learning Specialist, and she is starting her second year with us. She looks forward to going to Outdoor Education Days this year, and she enjoys hiking, biking, working with children in foster care, and singing.
Fun Fact: She won a car in 2007-- a brand new Suzuki!

Emily Kane HeadshotEmily Kane
MS/HS Spanish
Ms. Kane has been at Collegiate for 3 years and looks forward to the new school year with her Spanish classes. She is excited to see our students interact with and welcome the exchange students. When she is not teaching, Ms. Kane enjoys reading in Spanish, hiking, healthy cooking, and going to the gym.
Fun Fact: She is left handed, meaning she's in her right mind. Phew!

Susan Hodge HeadshotSusan Hodge
MS Math
Ms. Hodge teaches Math in our Middle School, and is entering her first year at CAC. She is excited for new names and new faces, and she spends time outside of the classroom crafting and cooking.
Fun Fact:
She has lived in seven different states!

Adrian Hutson
Adrian Hutson

HS Math
Mr. Hutson is also beginning his first year at Collegiate and teaching High School Math. He looks forward to meeting the class, and he enjoys hiking in his free time. 
Fun Fact: He collects video games!

Alanna CohenAlanna Cohen
HS Science
Ms. Cohen teaches Science at CAC, and she has been part of our team for 2 years. She looks forward to seeing her awesome students, and she likes to read, hike, and dance outside of school.
Fun Fact: She was a double major in English and Physics!

Cari Berggren Headshot
Cari Berggren
HS Science
Ms. Berggren also teaches Science in our high school, and she has been with us for 8 years. She is excited about the kids in her classes this year, and she enjoys softball and volleyball.
Fun Fact: She works as an umpire!

Dan Daly Headshot
Dan Daly
HS Social Studies
Mr. Daly teaches our Social Studies at the High School level, and he has been with us for 7 years. He is excited for the Outdoor Education days this year, and he enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and volleyball outside of school.
Fun Fact: He had his first baby this fall!

Jamie Breitner HeadshotJamie Breitner
Theater, Yoga, English 10 & 12
Ms. Breitner wears many hats at the High School level, teaching multiple electives and English classes. She has been a CAC wolf for 7 years, and she looks forward to the new activities at our Outdoor Education Days. Outside of teaching, Ms. Breitner enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, yoga, hiking, biking, and snowboarding.
Fun Fact: Before she started teaching at CAC, she lived in Costa Rica for 3.5 years teaching English at a bilingual private school!

Linda Burdick HeadshotLinda Burdick
K-12 School Psychologist
PK Consultant
Ms. Burdick is starting her 7th year with Collegiate as our Psychologist. She looks forward to working with returning students and staff and meeting new students and staff. Outside of school, she enjoys 
genealogy, reading, knitting, studying history, cooking and baking, traveling, volunteering with Red Cross, and playing with Kali, her calico cat. 
Fun Fact: She has been backstage at Red Rocks during concerts!

Maggie Rickard Headshot
Maggie Rickard
PK-12 Music
Ms. Rickard is starting her second year at Collegiate as our music teacher for both elementary and secondary students. She is excited for more concerts this year, and she enjoys cooking, baking, and completing jigsaw puzzles. 
Fun Fact: She makes her own bagels!

Morgan Epperson Headshot
Morgan Epperson

HS English
Ms. Epperson is our first year English teacher within the High School, and she looks forward to meeting and getting to know all her students. Outside of the classroom, she reads, crochets, and enjoys reality TV.
Fun Fact: She is training to be a counselor!

Neil HoldenNeil Holden
PK-12 Physical Education
Mr. Holden joins the wolf pack this year as our PE teacher for all grade levels. He is excited to get to know the students and staff, and he enjoys golf, fitness, movies, and watching pro and college football.
Fun Fact: He has lived in seven different states: TX, CO, CA, OH, SC, PA, and FL.

Paul Safford Headshot
Paul Safford

HS Math
Mr. Safford has been teaching Math at Collegiate for 4 years, and he looks forward to "smoking kids at volleyball" this year.
Fun Fact: He hasn't been to New Zealand yet!

Phyllis Constransitch
Phyllis Constransitch
PK-12 Art
Ms. C is joining us at Collegiate for her first year, and she is excited to meet the students. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Fun Fact: She is originally from New Orleans, LA!

Velinda Gerfen HeadshotVelinda Gerfen

Ms. Gerfen has been our Speech and Language Pathologist for 5 years, and every year she looks forward to seeing students grow in their communication skills for their successful future. Outside of school, Ms. Gerfen enjoys walking hikes in state and national parks and family get togethers.
Fun Fact: She retired from Douglas County Schools with 30 years of experience, but she loves her profession so much she could not stay away. This has been her dream job!

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