Middle School

At Collegiate Academy, our Middle School program spans grades 7 and 8, and is structured as a bridge between the elementary grades and the rigor of high school. Building on concepts from the elementary grades, a strong emphasis on subject mastery continues as inquiry learning blends with pre-Advanced Placement concepts designed to prepare students for the independence, responsibility and rigor of high school.

Middle School students at Collegiate also continue their character education as they are encouraged to embody and live the Collegiate Core Values as leaders and role models for younger members of our K-12 community. All Middle School students participate in daily Leadership coursework, which includes time management, study skills, and community service. The Secondary Wolf Pack program builds school spirit and mentoring relationships between middle and high school students as they participate in friendly competition as well as service projects which reach beyond the school's walls into the surrounding community. 

The Collegiate Academy Middle School program has been structured to:

• Follow a consistent and sequential curriculum focused on mastery.
• Provide a support system that meets student needs.
• Foster enthusiasm for learning through engaging, inquiry-driven lessons.
• Create a positive and safe environment for students.
• Assist students in realizing their potential to be successful in school and beyond.

The Middle School staff team is a highly integrated unit designed to provide a "safety net" as well as accountability for students.

The tightly knit middle school team serves to:

  • Create ongoing communications/monitor student progress.
  • Provide a process for early intervention that allows redirection of student behavior.
  • Provide a means for formal and informal recognition of student achievement.

Middle School subjects include math, language arts, science, social studies, Spanish, art, physical education, technology and electives. Collegiate uses the following tools to support students academically:

Ability Grouping:

Flexible ability groups for math and language arts provide a motivating and challenging learning environment, allowing students more time on task. Ability grouping allows the student to learn at different paces in different content areas, allowing education to be tailored to the student rather that a one-size-fits-all instructional model. Ability groups also narrow the spectrum of abilities in a classroom, allowing teachers to focus instruction to bring students to mastery of new skills.

Extended Day Program:

Each teacher is available after school one day per week to give students an opportunity to work in smaller groups or one-on-one. Teachers may require that students needing help meeting the academic standards participate in this program.


Because extensive research has proven the importance of homework to academic success, homework is an integral part of Collegiate Academy's curriculum and requires a commitment from each member of our student-teacher-parent (STP) team. Collegiate teachers make homework relevant, meaningful and time-appropriate. When a student fails to complete homework a variety of accountability measures take effect. Collegiate is committed to keeping parents informed of academic progress through weekly progress reports and updates to Infinite Campus. Due to the rigorous curriculum, students should expect ten minutes of homework per night per grade level.

Weekly Progress Updates:

At all levels, Collegiate utilizes Infinite Campus and teachers update grades frequently, but at minimum by Thursday of each week. Parents have 24/7 access to student progress through this online tool. If a student's grades drop below a C in any class, parents will receive notification via email in the Academic Progress Monitor. Using Infinite Campus Parent Portal, parents can then investigate assignment detail and scores to catch and remedy academic slippage as early as possible.

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